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You’re in the Sales and Marketing Business – Know This – It’s a Game-Changer!

Updated: Apr 20

Do you remember when you got your real estate license, and you were all excited! Then you realize you're not in the real estate business; you're in the marketing and sales business. If you don't know me, let me introduce myself, I am Todd Walters, Millionaire Agent Maker and Co-Founder of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, and PLATINUM Coach with the Craig Proctor System. When I first met Craig Proctor, Billion-Dollar Agent, one of the things that I discovered was, I'm in the marketing and sales business, and I knew I had to help my TEAM understand this! Whenever I hired a new person to join my team, for example, the courier, the listing coordinator, the photographer, outside sales agent, or inside sales agent, it didn't matter; everyone started at the same point!

I would start with taking out the universal follow-up script from the Quantum Leap System, and I would put it in front of them. Then, I would take a big black magic marker, and I would draw circles around the four offers on the follow-up script. And I would say, "Welcome to the team; this is where we start!" They would like at me funny. Yes, even my photographer needs to know the Universal Follow-Up Script with role play. This demonstrates that we are not in a real estate business, we're not in a photography business, we're not in an admin, listing manager, or courier business....we're in the marketing and sales business! That's what it demonstrates immediately; we can not screw up the offers.

It does not matter; you will be in a situation that is face-to-face with the customers, and if we can't make them offers, we will not get the customers. So that sets the tone immediately for what kind of business you're in and your expectations as a leader within your real estate sales team business. Got it? Plus, if the offers weren't correct, they couldn't start work or even work at all. So let me play it out for you. I think you'll like this. I'd pull the follow-up script down. I would hand it to the new employee, and I'd say welcome to the team, this is where we start, we have four offers on this follow-up script, and you need to know them.

They would memorize, come back, and just wouldn't have it down. They'd memorize again, come back, and we would role-play, and I'd say, okay, Market Watch newsletter, go. They would start to talk about the Market Watch newsletter, and it was an epic fail with strike one. And they would realize the seriousness of the situation. We cannot mess up the offers because that's how we get appointments. That is how we get customers! And if we can't get that right, like nothing else matters. Many of you might be thinking, this is insane, and it's over the top. Well, in a GREAT business, you have to have standards. When hiring, we did a lot of vetting, and my faith in the person was high. Typically, they would come back after memorizing, and they would fail the first time through and would ask to come back tomorrow, which empowered the employee to decide when they thought they could have it memorized. Once memorized, they could start!

Everyone hired knew we had standards, and number two, the type of business! They were prepared in public. For example, this has happened, photographers were taking pictures of the house, and a neighbor came over. The photographer knew how to make an offer and get business and paid for themselves throughout the year by picking up two or three different deals. If the administrative person, the customer service manager, the listing coordinator, the photographer, or the courier, knew how to make offers. It was good for business, and several things are accomplished with that one strategy! As a Craig Proctor System Member, you've been handed the golden parachute.

Understand we're not in a real estate business, we're in a marketing and sales business and it's a great starting point for everyone. Again, I would start there with every person that you bring on the team and the first person to start with you. If you cannot clearly articulate the four offers on the follow-up script right now with me in this video, without it in front of you, I would get busy there.

It's where the rubber meets the road and is the ultimate game-changer, to change your life and many other people's as well. I hope you enjoyed today's tips.

Interested in getting more tips and strategies and discovering more about Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty and the Quantum Leap System? Make sure to hit me up at, for a Breakthrough Call! Our motto here at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty is Go Serve Big; when you put others first, you will never be second! So, as always, Go Serve Big!