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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

"A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses their skills to accomplish goals" Larry Bird

One of the best compliments you can give a person is they are a winner. Winners are associated with accomplishments at the highest levels. Winners get the sales contracts. Winners seal the deal. Winners dominate. Everybody loves a winner.

The following 4 Signs You Are A Winner:

  1. A Winner Is Humble – He or she recognizes their God-given talents and the difference between winning and losing is razor-thin.

  2. A Winner Works Hard, Really Hard – Working hard does not ensure you will be a winner. However, being lazy ensures you will not.

  3. A Winner Fully-Develops Their Skills – Once again, the difference between winning and losing is razor-thin. The difference is some people fully-develop their skills while others cut corners.

  4. A Winner Wins – They accomplish their goals.

If you practice these things, the score often takes care of itself.

I would like to add three more qualities to Bird’s list.

  1. A Winner Learns From Failure – No one wins all the time. It is what you learn from failure, which ensures future success.

  2. A Winner Is Resilient – They refuse to quit. Winners keep getting back up no matter how many times they are knocked down.

  3. A Winner Is a Person Of Character – It does not matter how many championships you win if you have no character. Without character, your talent will take you to an unsustainable place. You will only have short-term success.

So the question begs – Are you a winner? Be Humble. Work Hard. Fully Develop Your God-Given Skills. Learn From Failure and Do Not Quit. Most importantly, be a person of GREAT Character. If you do these things, you have positioned yourself to be a winner.

Once you master this… you will be the master of your destiny!

Go Serve Big! When you put others first, you will never be second!

Todd Walters

Millionaire Agent Maker

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GO SERVE BIG! When you put others first, you will never be second!

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