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What Should Be Your #1 Key Performance Indicator?

Before you pick up the phone and make another call or go on another appointment, read this on Key Performance Indictors, KPI's! Todd Walters here, Co-Founder Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty and PLATINUM Coach with Craig Proctor System Nation. I have to say, my meeting Craig is one of the top three things in my life that has made my life better. Life is all about relationships! My deal with Craig really started when I just decided to lean into the System all the way.

In other words, I committed and went all in. I looked around the United States of America, really North America and Craig was the number one real estate agent, and I knew I wanted a business like that; a great real estate sales team business, selling hundreds of homes a year, with plenty of time off to pursue outside interests, even coach and train real estate agents on doing the same.

So, Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). What is that? There are two kinds of indicators: lagging indicators and leading indicators. Businesses use them for measurement. Okay. So I get asked this question a lot from PLATINUM members - What's the thing I should measure the most? And my answer is always..... and you must take note of this; it is your APPOINTMENTS! What's the thing that gives your business the most significant impact? Is it leads? Is it closings? Closings are lag indicators. Appointments are lead indicators.

So, for example, how many closings do you want to do? Do you want to sell 500 homes? Do you want to sell 100 homes in a year? 300? 1,000? Whatever the number is, it's the measurement afterward. Does that make sense? Remember, it's in the past; the closing has happened already; that's a lag indicator. If you're looking for something that will make your business's biggest impact and run your business forwards and backward from this leading indicator, it's appointments! It's THE getting of appointments. So when working with agents who decide to go bigger, grow their business, sell more homes, and make more money without giving up their personal life to do it, we focus on one indicator, above all others! APPOINTMENTS!

Do you want to sell 100 homes over the next 12 months? Okay. Well, how many appointments need to be generated today to end up with 100 closings, 12 months from now? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself, and that's how you want to run your day, and that becomes what you time block around the most! If you need to book three appointments a day based on conversion numbers throughout the rest of the pipeline, getting an appointment is not the same as going on the appointment. For example, I booked an appointment today. Well, what percentage of time do the appointments actually happen? And then when the appointments had happened, what percentage of time do I get a signed agreement? And what percentage of time from the signed agreement turns into a pending sale? There are percentages of measurement in all of those things; conversion rate.

You would agree; it's almost impossible to get a signed agreement without an appointment. Right? How many appointments do you need to set on a day-to-day basis to achieve your goal, your ULTIMATE big goals, right? Then, you COMMIT to that number, and you do not let anything interfere with you getting it! Real estate agents are famous for failing at this! They get appointments and then end up going on the appointments and then fail at generating NEW appointments! Agents get busy working with the customers. Well, newsflash, if you're a solo agent, right, you're in; you're COMMITTED to getting at least one new appointment a day in order to hit your goals. And then tomorrow, you're out on the appointments, and you're not getting new accounts, then you're not going to hit your goal. So you're essentially out of business when you're working with buyers and sellers; you're in business when you're consistently generating new appointments with prospects. So there you go. My encouragement is to build that into your business, this process, ...on a daily basis, get APPOINTMENTS at all costs!!

Well, what does it take? You can generate leads, but then you can have people calling you through branded and database marketing that we talk about on the marketing clinics. You've got to follow up with the leads, or you got to have leads contacting YOU! Consistently generate appointments, and everything feeds into that and flows out of it! This is the #1 Key Performance Indicator Metric - GENERATING APPOINTMENTS - for building a Super Profitable Sales Team Business! not violate this!

Commit to the number of appointments you must get on a day-to-day basis and lock that into your schedule!! I learned that from Craig Proctor 20 years ago, and it was a game-changer for me!

If you would like to DISCOVER more about Your Home Sold Guranteed Realty, go to and schedule a call with my team! Now, go and commit, make those appointments daily and Go Serve Big!