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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Your Core Purpose Must Line Up With Your Heart's Desire.

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Why are your goals important? What's pushing you to reach your heart's desires? If our mission in life is to serve big, change lives, and make a difference, there's a reason why you're motivated enough to strive for bigger and better. As an agent, growing and scaling your business can be complicated. It can even cause you to want to take more time off, away from accomplishing your goals. However, if you can align the business goals and the people that work for your company, their goals, you will achieve whatever your heart desires.

When growing a business, it's essential to learn your team's personal, professional, and financial goals in life. If they don't believe they can accomplish their goals working for you, that means it's just a matter of time on what day in the future they're not working for you.

But here is where some people fall short. If someone can't explain their personal, professional, and financial goals, they'll never really know what they want in life. Everyone needs to do this. If you have a dream and it's never written down, it, of course, cannot be measurable or attainable. Things will never be clear to you; they will never take you there if you don't even know where there is.

Goal setting is an essential and powerful component when it comes to achieving milestones in your life and for those that work for you. It gives direction and clarity and can even increase confidence and overall morale. However, when you don't have specific goals set, you don't have direction, and you can honestly feel a little lost and not know why.

Make sure those that work for you have set clear goals and set clear goals for yourself, throughout your life, and celebrate when you accomplish them!

Go Serve Big!

Todd Walters

Millionaire Agent Maker

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