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Time To Recharge!

Updated: Feb 19

Time to Recharge!

I remember several years ago my 16U Fast-Pitch Softball Team had just went 4-1 on the weekend with the University of Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, South Carolina, LSU, MORE college scouts watching our team play (scouting looking for players). I walked out to leave the park, climbed into my 2006 Hummer and as I turned the key – nothing. Seemed my battery was DEAD. I don’t know how or why these things happen, only that there is a time and a season for everything.

Lesson #1: Everything comes to an end.

So I get a jump start and go my merry way. Next day the Hummer starts up just fine and continues to do so - so of course I ignore the inevitable. Three weeks later, I am back in Knoxville TN for more softball, playing an exhibition game in front of the TN coaches. We complete our games, I get out to the parking lot, and the same thing happens. The Hummer won’t start. This continues to happen every time I start the H2 while I am away, there in TN, for a week, causing delays and inconveniences to myself and others.

Lesson #2: Putting off the inevitable will only lead to a bad ending.

Do you get comfortable with your business thinking everything is going O.K. even though you know it could be much better? You keep putting off really working on your business as you know you should, sort of nibbling around the edges of the Millionaire Agent System – a road map to ultimate success – saying things like “that’s too hard” or “I can’t do that here in my market place” or “I will get to that later”?

Regular everyday life is really no different than our business lives. Either you learn from life’s lessons and take those experiences seriously, putting the principles discovered and learned to work in your real estate business - or you don’t. Whenever I have an agent complaining about their business, I can simply point to - MUCH they have been handed on a silver platter and MUCH that is still sitting on that platter.

I also remember a softball game that same year where my daughter’s team won 10-1. But it was NOT a good performance. I mean terrible. Good thing the other team was not very good. When I asked my daughter at the end of the game why they played so sloppy, her answer was a good one: “we played like we were ahead against a lesser opponent”. This, very much contrary to my coaching. Leading me to the final lesson of this article

Final Lesson: Always play like you are behind.

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, we teach our agents to “Always play like they’re behind,” not because others are lesser business opponents, but to create your best possible real estate business- you must always strive to improve, to be better- and being better requires being different.

The Millionaire Agent System exclusive to the Agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty WORKS for agents who choose to learn from the all millionaire agent’s collective life lessons. It begins with establishing YOUR BRAND to put you on the path of “owning” and wealth building. There is a legit business plan, and then the copy and implement systems to carry out the plan with Predictability. The COACHING ensures the agents success and fast. I encourage you to come and check it out, at the upcoming Millionaire Agent Masterclass. Get more details and save your free seat at

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