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Updated: Feb 12


Is "ONE" useful in business? What does that mean? Well, I will give you a few examples of what I mean by "ONE" as the worst number you could ever have in business. Now "ONE" works well in marriage, and I highly recommend sticking to ONE in marriage, but when it comes to business, especially when running a Real Estate Business, never "ONE" and always THREE. So, think in terms of multiplication, not duplication. For example, when you're implementing the Quantum Leap System, you'll want to always think in terms of THREE.

Imagine your business card right now, and on your business card, for example, Your Home Sold at Your Price or I'll Pay the Difference is your offer. Let's say that you stamp that on your business card as your Performance Guarantee.

Now what? Okay, well, now you need THREE call-to-actions:

1). You can call my information line using the ID number and get all the information you want on how the Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Program works without even talking to an agent.

2). Or you can go to my website and get a free report on how our program works to benefit you.

3). Or you can call me directly.

Do you see what I just did there? I increased my response rates, using the POWER OF THREE.

All right. Now let's say that you list a home TODAY. What do most agents do? Well, most agents rush and throw it into the MLS. They do ONE thing, which is the worst thing you could do when leveraging a listing to get MORE business. You need to be saying THIS, "I'm going to leverage my listing in at least THREE ways to get more leads!" So, what are the THREE? Well, how about this: Create THREE ads on your property!


We can pick three DIFFERENT kinds of ads on this property and place them in THREE places. IMPORTANT NOTE - none of the ads will mention the address. You might be asking, "How can I create THREE ads from one listing?" It's not complicated. You can have three different headlines, right? On the Quantum Leap System ad generator platform, when you look at the editorial ads that Craig Proctor Quantum Leap System gives you, there are at least three different headlines. So, think this through.

You list a home, now you're going to come up with three ads, all through the Ad Generator on the Quantum Leap System. Also note, we have Marketing Clinics every Friday where Million-Dollar and Billion-Dollar agents help you with your ads. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. Copy what has worked for thousands of successful agents! What has worked for Billion-Dollar Agents Craig Proctor and Todd Walters!

So, now you have THREE different ads with THREE different headlines and, of course, THREE different photos. Now you're going to post those ads in THREE different places. The Power of THREE.

Okay, let's say you have a "JUST SOLD" postcard. I want to direct mail this JUST SOLD postcard to all of the homeowners around that particular list. So that's one thing. What are the other two that you can do with that postcard? You can send that postcard to all of the prospects in your database. What else can you do with that postcard? You can take that postcard and create a video. You can then take that video, do a Facebook Live, and push that out to your database (custom audience) along with having it on your blog! The POWER OF THREE is a powerful thing, and it is what we do for ambitious Real Estate Agents, helping them make Quantum Leaps in their business.

We focus on the POWER OF THREE. THE RESULT: having you get more out of everything you're doing NOW without investing any more time or money.

There's duplication, then there's multiplication. It starts with thinking about everything you do and getting more out of it. For example, if you could get at least THREE times more out of whatever you're doing right now, wouldn't you want to do that? So, no matter what you're doing, how can you multiply that to get more out of it? Yes, the answer is THE POWER OF THREE! It's a paradigm shift! You need to be thinking about this every day! The Power of Three!

Hopefully, this gives you some tips on how to GET MORE OUT OF EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING NOW, WITHOUT INVESTING ANY MORE TIME OR MONEY: THE POWER OF THREE - an invaluable tool!

Please note: The Power of Three is part of the Quantum Leap System at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. Growing a Real Estate Business can be complicated; we are here to help with any questions that you might have! You can always reach out to us at 866-219-5029 or go to to request a one-on-one consult. Either one will work, and we're here to help you!

Go Serve Big!

When you put others first, you will never be second!

Todd Walters

Millionaire Agent Maker