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The Menace, Myth, and Mayhem of Autonomy

Updated: Feb 19

I got that title from Andy Stanley. You may have heard me say it this way: If You Can Copy You Can Succeed.

Quite often, I'm sent something from an agent wanting to know what I think about their ad, or postcard, method, or strategy.

Many times, I respond with 'not much.'

Meaning I don't think much about it.

It looks foreign to me. It's an invention of their own making, something I have no experience with, based on their OWN ideas. If they are asking me for coaching advice, and if it's not a replica of something from our Quantum Leap System, I simply refer them back to that and encourage them to copy first. Why would you NOT copy something handed to you by someone who has achieved what you say you most want to achieve? Maybe the word – copy – has different meanings for different people. IDK, but it's the hardest thing I do every day – get agents to copy and implement. Many times though… agents buy-in and do a great job of it.

For example – take a look at this email here:

From: Rick Bengson

Sent: Friday, June 19, 2020 12:03 PM

To: Todd Walters

Subject: Rick Bengson - 3 new OSA’s help call request

Hey TW,

It looks like I will have my first OSA's starting (3 of them all experienced and struggling). I'll say I wasn't crazy about inviting them into a group interview without telling them, giving the PPT and doing it this way, but followed the playbook to the T and the play worked. I also ran just 2 FB ads for 10 days and got 245 leads in my CRM. Can we have a call for the next steps suggested for their training and any other advice? The team manual is open on my desk. Sooner the better for me.

Thanks in advance,


You simply have two choices as you move forward with your real estate business.

Choice 1 – you can go figure everything out.

Choice 2 – you can find out.

I personally am a benefactor of choice 2. I give myself credit as a great, amazing… copier. Like Rick above. Copying and implementing works, but also why it may crush your hopes and dreams. Here is what I mean:

When most agents get into real estate, they look around at what everyone else is doing and copy them.

Meaning they are copying this:

80% will quit the business every 5 years. 95% earn under $100K a year. 99% sell well under 50 homes a year. So… copying the majority is a career killer, hopes and dreams, and big goals destroyer. Invention and reinvention are likely that as well – since most who do are not modeling success.

My practical business advice is to latch on to those who have accomplished what you most want to achieve and pay the price to be full-on copy and implement. Pretty simple – success leaves clues.

Choice 1 seems to always result in coming around to choice 2. So, I'm all in for finding out vs. figuring it out.

Rick here is one of the co-founders of Homefeedback.com, which he and his partners sold to Showing Time awhile back. I remember Rick from way back as I was one of the first to jump on Homefeedback.com and put it to work in my business.

When Rick sold the business, after enjoying life for a bit, he got into real estate out in San Diego.

He saw the value in joining the Quantum Leap System with Craig and quickly ascended to Platinum – the ALL IN copy and implement the level of our business. Recently he decided to relocate from So. California to Ft. Myers, FL. Right in the middle of a Pandemic. He was starting from ground zero in Ft. Myers. No leads, no business.

He obviously recognized the value of a 'franchise prototype' and called me to reveal his plans to move – looking for more help to copy and implement. He believed this was the key to quick success when he hit the ground in FL (Find out vs. Figure out).

His first move was to join Titanium (which provided him with MORE one on one help from yours truly), I invested a couple of hours with him, laying out the plan – which was really a map to COPY and implement the plan (Super Profitable Sales Team Business Plan).

He moved fast on the plan.

When he hit the ground in Ft. Myers – he already had leads waiting. Here is the email I got from him a few days after he moved in.

From: Rick Bengson

Sent: Monday, June 8, 2020 3:32 PM

To: Todd Walters

Subject: Titanium - Bengson question


I hope all is awesome. Since our call, we have moved to Fort Myers, and I rented an office in a beautiful executive suite. I also have 2 other offices to use their space as branch offices, get our GMB postcard and use those conference rooms if needed for recruiting or by the agents. Last Friday, I ran our first 2 FB ads, and we got 97 leads. I have a creative/technical VA with Stampini, who I have had for several months and am hiring an ISA from them, but they won't be ready for probably a month to be trained to make live calls, and I need to work with them on training too. Today I placed a recruiting ad on Wize Hire using the content from one of your recruiting ads that I attached. I'm starting to do the ISA calls myself, and I'll be busy with clients soon if I keep doing that, which is not my goal. I plan to continue running the 2 ads as it's enough to show in my CRM when I have a recruiting meeting that we need help ASAP with the amount of leads. I have the recruiting PPT made, bomb kits, and subscribing to the broker version of REality.

Any other suggestions?

I thought before I planned the day consulting trip to Atlanta that I try and hire agents and start training them so the day would be more beneficial as I have plenty of things to implement to get a team going now.



You will see the dates between the two emails above are 11 days apart. Rick here, leaning into his Mentors, investing MORE into finding out, copying and implementing – has accomplished more in two weeks than many do in two years (20 years for most).

I could share with you emails and stories I've received from others who contacted me AFTER their move, and things were NOT going their way. Those peeps decided to try and FIGURE IT OUT on their own – working Autonomously. Dumb.

As I said, agents are free to try and figure everything out on their own. For example, YOU can go and:

• Construct a business plan designed to achieve your big goals.

• Invent systems for getting business then leveraging that business to get even more.

• Develop a winning super profitable sales team model that includes recruiting, hiring, training, and managing for growth and profit.

• Etc.

Yea, you could do all that on your own. Most select this choice, and as a result, just over 99% of all agents in North America sell UNDER 50 homes a year – and celebrate that.

Or… you could do what Rick did and what many, many others do – including many of the now top agents in the world. You can do this with us and join the less than 1%, helping 100 to 1000+ buy and sell the place they call home, annually. Simply copy and implement, in a culture made for growth and high levels of success.

What are you going to choose?

Choice 1 or Choice 2? I chose 2. Here's what it got me:

- Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent.

- Over 8,000 Transactions.

- Over $30 Million in Commissions Earned.

- Top 10 RE/MAX Worldwide. Top 20 Agents in the US (NAR).

- Platinum Coach with Craig Proctor Real Estate Coaching

- Author: Death of the Traditional Real Estate Agent.

- Featured in The Real Estate Rain Maker Guide to Online Marketing.

- Featured in the Billion Dollar Agent.

Now I'm a mentor, coach, and leader to those WHO want super success selling real estate. Choice #2 was a good move for me. It's just way easier to Find Out vs. Figure Out.

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Todd Walters