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Great Leaders Don’t Tell You What To Do. They Show You How It’s Done.

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Can anyone be a leader? A leader pushes themselves and the people around them to their potential and beyond with encouragement and guidance. If you're a great influencer, I would say you're a leader! I have noticed in my experience as a leader that many agents haven't even reached their potential and they have already put a lid on themselves. I read this great book called, The 21 Laws of Leadership, by John Maxwell (Maxwell, 2007). For those not familiar with that reference, read chapter 1, "Law of the Lid." This chapter will help you understand the "Law of the Lid" and the value of leadership. People tend to put a "lid on" or limit their potential, and as leaders, we contribute to determining that lid. We can demonstrate, encourage and influence to increase the overall lid and success of the business. In other words, you decide how far the lid is placed on that scale and how far you're willing to push it.

When having your own business, you have to raise the lid. We've got to improve our skills daily to have better outcomes within the business. I'll be honest, some people are born with higher lids than others, but it doesn't mean that you can't improve, get better, truly EXCEL. You can increase your lid; your God-given gifts are there, and you can improve upon those gifts with education, training, diligence and with having or being a great leader. You have to do what it takes, and you can do it!

What is the best way to lead people? What do you think it is? In my opinion, a great way to lead is by example, which means, you've got to be willing to do the work that you're trying to get other people to do.

Now, go out and Raise that Lid for yourself and those around you, and your business will thrive! Go Serve Big!

Go Serve Big!

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