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Quantum Leap Manifesto

Updated: Feb 19

Recently I was asked what the commonalities were among our TOP agents – those seven-figure income agents helping well over 100 clients buy and sell every year.

My answer was in two parts. Part one was to address the tangibles. Those things you can see they do – like implementing the Quantum Leap System as if it’s a franchise.

Part two was to address the intangibles. Those things you can’t see. These intangibles are summed up here in this Quantum Leap Manifesto.

A Quantum Leap Agent is an ADVANCED BREED OF REAL ESTATE AGENT. Smarter and more strategic. Someone who embraces the power of systems and who equally values superior customer experience and their freedom.

Quantum Leap Agents wage guerrilla warfare against traditional real estate paradigms AND BECOME CRAZY RICH.

Quantum Leap Agents launch renegade marketing strategies that automatically attract the best of the best clients and deliver unparalleled service for these clients to CREATE A WIN-WIN.

A Quantum Leap Agent does not see problems. They LEVERAGE OPPORTUNITIES.

A Quantum Leap Agent is a doer. They do not wait for perfection. They show up. THEY IMPLEMENT. THEY TEST. THEY RE-TEST.

No matter the size of their team, or even if they have a team at all, Quantum Leap Agents are not solo agents because THEY ARE PART OF A NETWORK THAT NURTURES THEM, COACHES THEM, AND WANTS THEM TO SUCCEED.

If you ask the average real estate agent, he/she will tell you that what Quantum Leap Agents are doing, will not work in their marketplace or for them or at this time... and yet Quantum Leap Agents, regardless of gender, age, experience, or marketplace, are PROVING them wrong every single day.



If yes… say it out LOUD!


I don’t need anyone to motivate me. Motivation is the blood in my veins.

I do not trade my time for money.

Time is a leverageable commodity I control with systems.

I am not an average real estate agent.

I am an expert marketer skilled at prospect attraction and superior service.

I do not fight for scraps.

I choose who I want to work with and when.

I am not a commodity.

I earn more because I provide superior value, so I am worth more.

The other agents in my marketplace are irrelevant to me. My only competition is myself.

I will never be hindered by emerging technologies and media. The strategic systems I have access to work everywhere.

I do not just sell houses. I change lives.


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Go Serve Big!!!

Todd Walters

Chief Millionaire Agent Maker

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty