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I have a special message today on, Delivering Value. Okay, what are the industry norms and standards on this? Well, industry, norms, and standards are something like this for a real estate agent. "Hey buyers, hey buyers, do business with me exclusively, and this is what I'll do for you. I will email you homes that you can pretty much find on your own." Now, if you're a buyer, I know that sounds ludicrous, but tell me if I'm wrong, isn't that sort of a norm and standard in the industry. "Hey buyers, here's why you should do business with me. I want your loyalty, I want your commitment, and I want your John Hancock right here on this agreement; in exchange, I'm going to email you homes that are not active in MLS homes that you can pretty much find on your own on the internet without much hassle." Buyers are not dumb. Oh, contraire buyers are smart people, right? They know when they're not getting access to all the homes. And one of the greatest fears that buyers have is the fear of missing out on the perfect home.

So how can you step in here and help present this as a solution in the marketplace? At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, one of the things that we work on is how to deliver more VALUE. So, in the buyer agreement, for example, it says when you're working with us exclusively, we're going to provide you with regular updates from our Home Hunter Service, and you're going to get access to homes from all the real estate companies.

We go a step further and research and locate properties that you can't readily find on your own or the internet. We're going to research and find, for example, builder closeouts, distress sales, bank foreclosures and FSBO's, etc. When we find them, we're going to contact you immediately so that you can see them. All right, I've never had a buyer say, "Oh, that's a terrible idea." They'll say, "Wow, that's fantastic!" Right? Now, when the buyer discovers that we are not holding anything back, not only are they getting access to active listings in the MLS data, but they're getting access to in-active properties, as well. What happens is the buyer becomes an advocate or evangelist for YOU. So, when they find a home on their own, they're more likely to call you and say, "I found a home, Todd, check it out!" They get excited because they know I'm not holding anything back.

You must show your VALUE! Do not reinvent the wheel! Implement, implement, implement! Lean in and give Overwhelming VALUE to the prospect. What else can you do to show Value? Okay, well, you have a database, and you can share that with the buyer; for example, "I've got over 40,000 people in my database looking for a home in the area, and a lot of those folks have houses to sell, and they're not on the market yet. So I'm going to let them know about you. Our special program has algorithms that tell me what kinds of properties in the marketplace are getting ready to come up for sale. There are algorithms where we can discover who's likely to sell high turnover streets, where people are more likely to sell."

Over-deliver Value! Many agents DO NOT over-deliver and provide Value because of the MLS. You've heard me say, "What if there was no MLS? What would you do?" Seriously think about this. You wake up tomorrow, and there is no MLS. And you have a ready buyer. What are you going to do? How are you going to find them a house NOW, immediately? If there were no active MLS, no inventory, no active listings in MLS. If there were zero, what would you do? Would you do nothing and wait? Well, maybe something will pop up, right?

Of course not! When I pose the question of no MLS, you start to think, wow, we'll do this. And I would do that. And I could do this, and I could do that. Now, that's excellent Value for your buyer! Yet, this whole industry, norm, and standard thing is: I got a buyer. I'm going to let them find a house on their own, or I'm going to email them active MLS listings. And that's your business system. That is NOT the YHSGR way. The Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty way is to overwhelm them with VALUE. The YHSGR way is to: pretend there is NO MLS! Do this and you will Dominate! So, hopefully, this gives you some tips and strategies on how to help more customers! Because after all, when you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want!

Growing a Real Estate Business can be complicated, and we are here to help! Request a free one-on-one business consult. No obligation, just lots of golden nuggets! Request free consult at Thanks again and Go Serve Big! Go Serve Big is our motto at YHSGR and it means, “When you put others first, you will never be second!” So, as always, Go Serve Big!