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Updated: Feb 19

A common question I get from agents is, 'how can I better manage my time?'

The short answer is you can't manage time… but you can control how you invest your time. Real Estate Agents are some of the worst small business people on the planet with how they spend their time. Most confuse activity with productivity. Not all activity is productive; in fact, a study by SalesForce recently revealed 70%+ of an agent's time is spent on Non-productive activities. They THINK they are productive – some even believing these activities are essential, and THEY are the only ones that can do them (fake news).

This kind of thinking, believing, doing - goes back to how they got started in real estate and is not entirely all their fault.

First, they think (how you think and what you think about determines outcomes) they are in real estate.

You, however, likely know by now that you got into the Sales and Marketing Business – real estate is just the product.

Secondly, when they do jump-in, they look around at what everyone else is doing and pretty much copy them. You have likely discovered this is a failing formula - since 80% fail out every 5 years, and less than 1% ever earn more than $250K a year. Agents copy the wrong people.

Thirdly they trade time for money. The industry and most brokerages, especially the big box brands, promote the agent doing this. Even celebrate it. They have created awards around it. But, you have likely realized that if your business depends on you… you don't have a business… you have a job!

That is why we exist… to change all of that.

Increasing Your Income by 300% or More Without Giving Up Your Personal Life to do it is the Key to Achieving Your Hearts Desire, and it is attainable only through Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty's Quantum Leap System.

One of our Quantum Leap System Business Principles states that to avoid trading time for money, you must work ON the business vs. in the business all the time. It is the only way to gain a perspective on how to do things better.

The COVID-19 pandemic upset the applecart and every other fruit basket worldwide for the remainder of 2020 and likely well beyond. I won't soft pedal the consequences. It's a serious time of trial, tribulation, and tears.

Yet you can only wash and wring your hands so many times. At some point, you have to focus on those things you can control and do.

You should be working on your business more than in your business right now. Protect your mind from the news negativity. Be productive, read more, think more, and get ready for new changes in your life and business. Don't waste this time.

Take these words to heart. Now is the time to double down on every core Quantum Leap System Principle. And don't lose heart, because we will get through this. We will survive… recognizing… we need to grow - every one of us has to up our game. We've left the fat, dumb, and happy economy behind. It may very well rise from the ashes thanks to a multi-trillion dollar beg, borrow, steal from future generations, but only a fool would hang their hats on that. We all need to download the latest system upgrade to our mindset that will put us not in crisis mode, but opportunity and action mode.

Ordinary real estate agents approach things sequentially. Quantum Leap System real estate agents approach things simultaneously. Now more than ever before, YOU must act on multiple initiatives simultaneously, focus on getting as much stuff done as possible, regardless of chaos - you can always clean up the mess after.

One example would be 'customer stacking' (don't know what that is? Flee from whom you are hanging with to those who do. You are the sum total of the 5 people you hang out with the most). FILL your pipeline with an overflow of prospects… OVERFLOW. More on this at www.MillionaireAgentMasterClass.com.

'Oh woe is me' is not a useful way to be thinking, especially right now. And if you're new around here, you should be paying close attention to why so many in this Quantum Leap System community can survive downturns like this. It's not because they have one magic email that drives all their sales or one magic anything - instead, they have studied and implemented the philosophes and principles we teach here. They are good copiers-in-chief of the Quantum Leap System!

Apple's famous TV ad quote "think different" celebrated the out of the box mindsets of men and women who changed the world in multiple ways - artists, engineers, writers, leaders. Back when Steve Jobs produced this ad, it was meant to inspire in expand his tribe of Apple fanatics. But the call to creatively shift gears needs to be embraced by every entrepreneur today.

You ought not to be focusing on who's not buying or selling real estate; you ought to be focusing on the buying/selling that is still continuing and therefore is available for you to get. EVERY MLS in North America shows pendings and closings.

There are two crucial things to think about when it comes to the actual act of making a move/buying/selling real estate. There's the ability to, and there's the willingness to.

On a recent coaching webinar with all the peeps at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, we drilled down on TWO marketing systems in the Quantum Leap System – for example. One – CALL=OFFER marketing. Two – ACCESS TO MUST SELL HOMES marketing. Call = offer would be like – guaranteed cash offer on your home in 24 hours… call me now to get it. And The Good Deals Go Fast… these sellers must sell now… hot list of homes – systems work! You have to know HOW to market them. That's what we do here, as you know… teach agents how to get overflow of must act customers (among other things).

The bottom line here is that people will have to buy and sell real estate, so why not pivot to make them head your way? The Quantum Leap System Principle that money's in constant motion and flows to where it's most respected and appreciated remains in effect even in times like today.

The only real security is in your ability to produce! Right? Congrats… reading this post IS a form of working on your business vs. in it. Now… what are you going to do with this knowledge?

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Go Serve Big!!!

Todd Walters

Chief Millionaire Agent Maker

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty