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Mentor Selection Guide

Updated: Feb 19

A common question I get from agents is 'Todd, how do I know if someone can help me grow my business?'. That is an excellent question and one that every agent should be asking. Let's talk about finding mentors. Finding mentors will be the key to fast-tracking your success. "You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with." – Jim Rohn. In order to grow in any way, you need to pay close attention to who you are spending time around. At first, this might seem a little scary. This means analyzing your circle of influence and determining how much they contribute or detract from your overall goals. Let's say you want to grow your business to over $1 Million in annual income, helping over 100 people buy and sell a year. It should be NO secret that the shortcut, the easiest way to make it happen FASTER, is to find and hire mentors. BUT… beware the BIGGEST MISTAKE AGENTS MAKE IN THIS AREA. If you want to do something BIG like this, then there is ONE question before all others to ask those you consider to be a possible mentor. "Have you built a real estate business from scratch to over $1 Million a year in income, helping over 100 people buy and sell a year?" In other words, 'have you personally accomplished what I most want to accomplish?' If their answer is NO – there are NO other questions to ask them. They may try to convince you otherwise, but you should not take advice from people about what you want to achieve if they have not achieved it. This is why almost all agents who decide to accomplish more have to go outside of their present brokerage to look for solutions to the issues they face in growing their business. But, again… many times end up with someone who is a good marketer, good talker, good presenter – but HAS NOT DONE – HAS NOT HELPED OTHERS DO – what it is the agent MOST wants to achieve. How else can you explain only 1% of all agents and brokers earn over $250K a year? Here are 7 questions you might want to ask when you're looking to hire a coach/mentor… (And a few of the right answers). Qualifier: Have you accomplished what I most want to accomplish? If the answer is YES… then you move forward on the other questions. YES. Q1: Why do you think you're the best fit to be my coach/mentor? A: I've done it, documented all of the successful processes into a copy, and implemented the system – and I have successfully helped many others achieve what you most want to achieve. Q2: Do you have a proven process that you follow with each of your clients? A: YES. The Quantum Leap System. Everything we do fits into SIX boxes. Q3: If someone follows your process, what are your "not-so-typical" results that you typically get them, and how long does it take to get those results? (The whole "results not typical" disclaimer thing) A: An agent can get to over $1 Million in annual income within 36 months. Before Q4: Here's where I am in the process (Don't go into your story, just the facts of where you are - your story is irrelevant here, and if you tell it, you're just looking for someone to stroke your ego)... Q4: Who else like me have you helped get those results? A: Here are their names and contact information. Q5: When was the last time you got someone in my situation the result I'm looking to get? A: Just this past week, month, and year! Here is who they are, where they started, and where they are now. Q6: What are we going to accomplish on the first strategy call? A: What are your personal, professional, and financial goals for the next year, 3 years, and 10 years. Where are your closings coming from now (to see if there's an opportunity to get MORE from those sources now)? What are your biggest issues? SOLVE it! Q7: If after the call it's a fit for both of us, when would we be able to get started? A: Let's look at the schedule and mutually agree on that day and time! These questions have helped me find mentors and coaches that got me results, and they also help me qualify the people that I've coached and mentored.

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