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Letting the Rainmaker in You Make Rain!

Updated: Feb 19

A common question I get from Agents and Members is – “Todd, I’m stuck at this certain level of production and can’t grow my business beyond it. What do I do to change that?”

The short answer is to do MORE of the rainmaking activities and LESS of the other. But how?

Let’s start by agreeing on what a Rainmaker is – as it pertains to our super-profitable sales team system.

As the name suggests, the rainmaker is the one who makes it rain...the one who makes things happen. In my business, I am the rainmaker, and you are the rainmaker in your business. As a rainmaker, you are positioned directly at the center of the organizational chart because you are the focal point...the business pivots around you.

The only activities you should keep within your realm are those that are dollar productive. What jobs associated with buying and selling give you the highest dollar return on the time you spend doing them? These are the things you should be concentrating on.

On the flip side, the activities that you should delegate are those that are not dollar productive, the things that someone else could perform equally well while being paid a fraction of what you are worth per hour.

Think about the hundreds of tasks that must be performed every day in your business and write them all down. Here are some self-explanatory ones:

· Answering the phone.

· Ordering For Sale signs to be installed and removed.

· Loading listings on the MLS.

· Entering online ads.

· Getting keys cut.

· Placing lockboxes on listings

· Banking

· Printing and delivering feature sheets

· Obtaining showing feedback from agents

· Emailing and mailing follow up letters

For each of these tasks, ask yourself the following question: “If I had someone else perform this task instead of me, what would be the outcome?” Would they do as good a job as you would? A better job? What could you pay someone to take this responsibility off your back? Less than your worth per hour?

Again, the only activities you should hold back are the ones that make you the most money. In my business, handling the marketing activities was one area that I didn’t delegate, and that was because no one could create powerful marketing strategies as well as I did. The marketing was what drove my sales, so there is a high dollar return on time I spent on that task. There were also other activities that I would pick and choose to perform, like Inside Sales and listing presentations.

While I did have Inside Sales Agents to follow up with leads, I would perform this function because I was so good at it. I would take the best leads that came in and perform the follow-up because I knew my conversion rate was better than everyone else’s conversion rate.

The same idea applied to listing presentations. I would choose to go on listing presentations that represented a good use of my time – listings in high-demand areas that were of a specific price range because I knew my closing skills were better than those of my team members’.

According to the #1 Real Estate Agent in History, Craig Proctor has at least 10 qualities that work together to make a good Rainmaker. Here is how he describes them:

  1. A “Natural” at the Job - The best rainmakers are “naturals” at the job. They move into situations more easily than most people do. They are comfortable with people. They project self-confidence. They seem to market effortlessly while others struggle to make it happen with far less stellar results.

  2. Intuition - Rainmakers learn to recognize what matters most to people. They have a sense of what potential clients REALLY believe is important in choosing an agent.

  3. Good Listener - Unlike most people, a good rainmaker is a good listener. It is not simply listening that is important, but hearing what prospects are saying and making an effort to truly understand their problems or concerns. This is the primary element in building new trust in the agent/client relationship.

  4. Creative Problem Solvers - The ability to provide creative solutions elevates a rainmaker to deal maker status. Clients look for programs tailored to their specific needs, not run-of-the-mill solutions that look like, and deliver the same results as the stuff being churned out by the next five real estate agents down the road. A rainmaker with a positive attitude works to make things happen for a client, not prevent things from happening.

  5. Anticipate Rather Than React - Rainmakers anticipate, not merely react. They prevent problems instead of figuring out how to deal with them after they occur, and build trust with the client every time they do so.

  6. Extra Effort - A hallmark trait of a good rainmaker is extra effort, especially in building client relationships. Service is key, coupled with a concerted effort to “go the extra mile” on the client’s behalf.

  7. Put Themselves In Their Clients’ Shoes - Rainmakers put themselves in their clients’ shoes. They consider a client’s response to everything they do and make sure they fully understand what is being planned and executed on his/her behalf.

  8. Never Bluffs - A good rainmaker never claims to know what he doesn’t know...but s/he always finds out what s/he doesn’t know and gives that answer to the client as quickly as s/he can.

  9. Sees and Is Seen - “See and Be Seen.” This should be the Rainmaker’s Watchword. Maintaining a high community profile by joining local business groups and charitable boards reflects well on the rainmaker. (This doesn’t have to involve a great deal of expense. Time and effort given to the community are one of the most appreciated gifts.)

  10. Entrepreneurial - Rainmakers need to be entrepreneurial, willing to take risks. They know playing it safe doesn’t develop new business, and they work hard to create opportunities. If they don’t leap at these opportunities, they know someone else will.

The one widely shared trait of good rainmakers everywhere is energy and lots of it. It has to be focused and goal-oriented, but without that high energy level, your rainmaker is just another soggy salesperson.

Clearly, then, as a rainmaker, you are unique. As mentioned, you are at the center of it all. You are the one who makes things happen. So… go make it rain!

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Todd Walters, CEO and Millionaire Agent Maker

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