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Horrors of Assuming

BIG TIME BUSINESS BUILDING TIP: Assume the opposite for better results.

I want to share with you the Horrors of Assuming. Over my 16, 17 years as Billion Dollar Agent and successful Real Estate Coach, I have seen agents make many mistakes, and I'm here to help you avoid those mistakes as best I can. I will share a massive mistake that many people make: assuming that the customer WILL do something. What you want to do is the Opposite. You want to assume that the prospect, your intended prospect, or intended customer will NOT do what you want them to do. We call it preparing for the negative. All right, I am going to give you an example of what I mean by this. This will help you make your marketing better and improve the response of anything and everything that you put out into the marketplace. In other words, this will make YOU more money, get YOU more customers, and make YOUR life better. A pretty bold statement, but here you go. Let me give you a quick example, and I will try to provide you with as many as I can here in five minutes. In the first example, let us say that you will do a direct mail marketing campaign. The First thing you want to assume is that the post office will not deliver your mail. So now, you're going to have a plant yourself to make sure your direct mail marketing is going out to your mailing list. You're going to take some friends or some family members and plant them on your mailing list. When your mail goes out, you're going to follow up with them to see if they got the mail. Obviously, you can follow up with yourself. Do not assume that because you're mailing something, it's getting delivered. Now you know number one, all right, next, let's assume that the customer will not open up the envelope. When you make that assumption, you know what you do? You start to do things that make your envelope getting opened more likely. Let me give you an example here: A colored envelope. Okay, maybe that's more likely to get open. An envelope that has a check-in it. Yeah, pretty likely to open up that envelope. So assume that the customer's not going up of your envelope, to increase the likelihood that they will open up the envelope. I'm just giving you some examples of how real estate agents and some marketers assume that we're there is going to happen. How about this? After I open up the envelope, You want to assume that I'm not going to read or look at the materials in your envelope. So how do you increase the likelihood that I would read what's inside the envelope? Well, that's where we come in. Just like this coaching video giving you some great tips on how to increase the response from anything and everything you do. Applying this principle of preparing for the negative is the same thing as getting someone to read the materials I put inside the envelope. For example, if I make it look like an ad, probably not going to read it. If it's all prettied up, probably not likely to read it. Did you know people are more likely to read it if it's ugly versus it being pretty? So how about this? I'm going to start with a showstopper headline. In other words, we're going to assume that the customer will not read the materials. So we're going to make what they would read, as soon as they look at it, impactful, so impactful, they can't help but read it. Next, I won't assume that the customer does what we want them to do, like call me, send me a note, or go online, but respond to whatever I'm putting in there. So let me give you another example. You'll see some billboards around your town that might say something like Your Home Sold Guaranteed Or I'll Buy It with Todd Walters, phone number, and website. So what's happening there? I'm assuming that the customer will read the billboard, be so moved by it that they'll come just on their own volition. That's a flawed assumption. You want to tell customers what you want them to do. Okay. You've seen this on the ad generator. It says your home sold guaranteed, or I'll buy it. No gimmicks! Free report reveals everything you need to know about this guarantee; order your report by visiting this web address or calling this information line number. Of course, you can call me directly. You see what we just did there, we moved. We took away any assumption of them knowing what to do and why they should do it now. Okay. Now look, that's how marketing works or at least really good marketing. So you want to assume that the customer is not going to do what you most want them to do. And when you make that assumption, it'll make everything that you do better. So we spend a lot of time on this at our brokerage and our Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Training Session. If you like that and you want more, take advantage of the opportunity. Just go to WWW.YHSGRFREEDOM.COM We'll make that happen for you. Or you can call (678) 436-8292. That's a Your Home Sold Guaranteed headquarters. Look, I'm happy to bring you some tips and strategies along the way. I don't know about you, but it's been a pretty good ride for me in The Real Estate Business and now I'm doing everything I can to help others experience the best parts of The Quantum Leap System. Go to WWW.YHSGRFREEDOM.COM if you want more, or give us a call at (678) 436-8292, otherwise take that advice I just gave you, prepare for the negative. We'll wrap it up there and look forward to seeing you soon, until then Go Serve Big!