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Help Your Business Stay FOCUSED!

Recently a member walked into my office in Buford GA with a polo shirt on with his company logo and name on the shirt. It made no mention of HIS name or a USP. Just a company name and logo that offered NO benefit and sure did not indicate what sort of business he was even in.

Many of you now spend hours and thousands promoting a deadbeat logo that offers NO consumer benefit. It is just there. No USP. If you look at Craig Proctor’s marketing, you will see that his USP IS his brand.

So my question is, what do YOU stand for or better what do your prospects associate YOU with?

“The higher up in influence your reach for customers, the more interested in ‘who you are’ vs. ‘what you do or sell’ – and not coincidently, the higher a professionals income, the more he’s being paid for who he is vs. what he does/sells”.

I read this statement above not too long ago in a newsletter, pondered it a bit, and absolutely believe its relevance. As you head off to the Platinum Money Making Summit in Anaheim, know that a good portion of what we teach you and what we give you, license you to use, is aimed at positioning you as THE ONLY CHOICE! You as the authority, the expert on real estate matters in your market. I have personal experience with it. So do you.

Here is something that may shock you:

Over the years of working with Craig Proctor as Platinum Coach, I have helped many members implement and/or expand the Guaranteed Sale Program, one of the greatest systems for ATTRACTING prospects ever taught to me by CP. I have seen and helped members with their marketing materials, many times over to get traction and attract leads. During all of that I have discovered that having your photo on the marketing material, personalizing the Guaranteed Sale Message, increases response for higher-end prospects, but seems to make no difference in the lower end, first-time home buyer houses.

Example - A really good three-page flyer, sales letter, testimonials, with your company or team brand logo on it appears to work as well as the same material sent with YOUR photo on it IF your target market is less expensive, first time home buyer type properties.

But send that same material with your team brand, company logo minus YOU, using words like WE, US, OUR TEAM, to more affluent and mass affluent prospects – response declines anywhere from 50% to 75% when tested against the same material sent loaded up with your photo, stating “I will do this or that”.

I know first hand all about this. Back when I closed down MY team, Todd Walters & Associates, and simultaneously opened up The Realty Team, the business partner I had selected to succeed me in my soon to come departure was insistent on LESS of ME and MORE of the New Company Brand. So to get along and continue to reach my end goal/exit strategy, I capitulated and removed my name and ALL of my photos, depersonalized the marketing material, added a nice looking fancy logo, and claimed WE and US would do x. Our response went noticeably down within a very short time. After about 4 months of this, I went to my business partner and told her why this was happening. She refused to believe it, claiming it was the market or that the program was losing its luster, etc. I said, ‘NO, we have tested this before and the evidence is clear – we are getting prospects, just not our customary second move up prospect we have been getting.

So my personal experience with it and the results Platinum Members have gotten as well is plenty of proof that the opening statement of this newsletter should NOT be ignored – especially IF your target market is moving up.

One clarification here is that it does not matter the USP or performance guarantee. The higher you reach for the prospect, the more it becomes about WHO YOU ARE, can you be trusted, can YOU do what you SAY, WHO ELSE LIKE ME ARE YOU HELPING/HAVE HELPED.



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