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Different is Better than Better

Updated: Feb 19

“There must be specific and unique reasons for doing business with you and continuing to do business with you, versus anywhere else.”

Is there a unique rationale for your customer being with you versus anybody else’s businesses?

Businesses without or unable to sustain this almost always die abruptly or by slow, painful, torturous ends.

It is not enough to be the same as but incrementally better.

There must be a difference meaningful to and appreciated by customers.

DIFFERENT is better than better.

As an agent, I was selling 400-500 homes a year. At the 200+ agent office I was at, my closest competitor was under 100. My 3rd closest, under 50. Everyone else bunched up between 0-25. How was this possible?

The key word may be ‘different’ - but agents don’t really understand that word in its pure sense. They think being better is being different. No, the word that best describes this is ‘exclusive’.

Our model is to move agents in a direction of exclusivity. This IS the only direction that works for a Super Profitable Sales Team Business.

Go Serve Big!!!

Todd Walters